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Rock the House

Can't make it out to a concert in your city? Don't like smoky bars and surly door guys checking your ID? Love the comfort of your home, but love to hear music live? “Rock the House” is just the thing you've been looking for.

Rock the House is an acoustic (no amplifiers, so it's quiet) concert that you host in your (or your friend's) living room. You invite over your friends. You have whatever food you want. You have whichever drinks you want. It's all of the concert and none of the hassle delivered directly to your living room (or backyard, patio, sunroom, etc.)


How big does my living room/performance space need to be?

If your performance space can hold 15 people, it is big enough. Most of the time, these are intimate gatherings, so people will want to be in close together, and will want to be able to hear everything coming from the musician.

How many people should come?

15 to 20 people is ideal, but if you would rather have 10 of your close friends, that will work, or if you'd rather do a larger event in a backyard or a patio with more people, we can work that out as well! The options are limitless, really.

How much does it cost?

Just as every concert and everyone's house and group of friends is unique, so is the payment deal for each Rock the House. Since we want everyone to be able to host a concert like this, we don't want cost to be an issue. We will work out a price/system of payment that works for you and your Rock the House concert.

Enough talk – how do I set up my own “Rock the House” concert?!

Send an email to:

We will work out the date and the details for your own Rock the House concert.