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The Throwback

Though it's tempting to write an entry that's referring to the fact that NFL teams are wearing throwback uniforms at least 4 times this year, that's not what this one is about.

Ben Andrews and I (the guy who mixes and produces most of my music that's recorded) have been toying around with doing the next record with some 80's flare to it...I know that means a lot of things to different people, but we're both huge 80's music fans, and I think some of the elements would sneak in anyway, even if we weren't trying to put them in there.

So, to follow up the hideous run-on sentence from the last paragraph - check out this preview of a new song called "I'm Gonna Try" and see if you're feeling it.  It's not the final mix yet, but you'll get a good idea of where it's going. Click the link below and enjoy!

 I'm Gonna Try Preview



Because your on my list

Whew - it's been a busy last couple of months!  Here's what's in the fire right now as far as what's going on:

1. I signed a publishing deal back in March of this year (2009), so I'm consistently writing at least a song per month to fulfill that contract.  That means, we should probably be looking for a new record to come out at some point in 2010...stay tuned :o)

2. It's official - I've been to more places to play this year than any other year before including our brand new market, the Northeastern US.  Right now, for the remainder of the year, I've still got Arizona, Colorado, Washington (state), British Columbia, and Oregon to finish up, before I head back and do a big concert in Albuquerque with Asper Kourt and Landon Smith

3. Ben (the recording/producing/mixing guy) is in the process of mixing a new Christmas song that will actually be FREE for you guys to download once that's done! Look for that within the first couple of weeks in November...

4. I've been helping out with music at two different churches in Albuquerque - I'm a member and do music for the young adult's ministry and sometimes sub in for the main services at and I've recently started coordinating music at The Journey Fellowship

5. My fantasy football team is currently at 3-3...we'll see how this week goes!

There are always new developments happening, so I'll do my best to keep ya'll posted on what's up!  Checking out for now,


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