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Every artist wants to make history. Fortunately for The Real Matt Jones that opportunity came in September of 2012 with the release of his third full-length record, History.

Matt wrote the songs for History over a period of four years, in the midst of tons of touring, a transition between booking agents, and negotiating publishing deals. It was as if the writing he was doing for the record was a direct comparison (if not somewhat of a response to) all the turbulence that was going on in his music journey at the time as well. At the end of it all, Matt is proud to say that he's released a record that is his absolute best so far.

History wasn't a record that I wrote for 6 months and recorded it right after that,” he says, “I wrote some of the songs literally 4 years ago and recorded them as they worked themselves out when I was playing them on tour. So, in a way, the songs from History have had a history of their own even before the record came out.”

History debuted at #16 on the singer/songwriter charts, and has already received critical acclaim from magazines like I Am Entertainment Magazine, awarding it 4 out of 4 stars. The record was also entirely paid for by a crowd-funding campaign through, so all of the preliminary signs for this record point to a wealth of support from fans and critics alike.

Matt is currently booking Southwestern US regional tours to begin in early 2013 in support of History, and between shows is co-writing songs for his next project.

". . .Albuquerques Matt Jones serves up a bevy of tunes that go down as easily as his two-syllable moniker." -Jennifer Clay, SPIN Magazine

". . .Matt Jones, another heartthrob-in-the-making, whose pop songs make you question just why he isn't signed yet." - Nicki Escudero, The Arizona Republic

". . .With catchy tunes, smart lyrics and vocal flexibility to rival stars like Jason Mraz, Jones brings his upbeat sound. . ." - Amanda Husson, The Las Cruces Sun