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New Record Out Today!

New Record Coming Out in January 2016!

Here's a video talking about the new record called, "Home Again"

Expectations and Realities of Music

Here's a great post from Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises) about expectations and realities of music: 


3 Reasons to Go to Hopfest

Besides the obvious reason that you’ll have the opportunity to try beers from 50 different breweries in a single afternoon, I have 3 reasons why you should attend Hopfest in Albuquerque on Oct. 26th.

  1. It’s well organized. If you’ve ever been to a festival (wine, beer, cheese, etc.), you know that the ticket lines can get out of control, or the lines to try the vendors’ wares can stretch for what seems like miles. Hopfest has been well organized the last 3 years that I have played, and I don’t hear the normal complaints from patrons that lines are too long or that certain places are overcrowded. You exchange your ticket at the beginning of the line, get your tasting glass, and go.

  2. The bands each have stages that separate and isolate sound. When you like a band, you want to hear that band play. Unless you have an unprecedented capacity to multi-task, you don’t want to hear other bands at the same time you’re listening to a band you like. Hopfest separates each of the stages by putting them in two separate large ballrooms, and they have an outdoor stage. The good news is, if you want to hear one band play while you’re enjoying a tasty beverage, nothing besides your overly outgoing friend who talks too loud will get in the way of your listening pleasure.

  3. You can stay at the hotel. I’m not ignorant – when people are trying beers from 50 different breweries, there can certainly be a tendency to over-imbibe. While I (and Hopfest, I’m sure) encourage responsible tasting, if individuals find out that their responsible tasting limit is lower than they originally thought, they can stay at the Isleta resort and not endanger themselves or other people by trying to drive home. Or, if you’re just one of those people who get tired after you’ve had some beer, you can just go up to your room and rest after you’ve done your tasting.

Hopfest is a blast. If you’re in or around the Albuquerque area, drop by and say hey – I’m be playing on the outdoor stage at 4pm!





Here's a message I received a couple of weeks ago - it's great to have support like this.

"Driving in the car yesterday with my teenager and we hear a commercial on the radio and immediately look at each other because we know it's your song..... We turn it up to try to find out what it's for.... It was Sandia Casino advertising your show this weekend. My daughters response still makes me smile "Mom, he's popular now! He's come a long way from that time we saw him playing at the small coffee shop in El Paso." Following your journey from when I first saw you open for Ryan Holley in Amarillo, TX in 2005 through today always brings a smile to my face.... I just had to drop you a small note to thank you for your beautiful music and let you know you have a loyal following. And Yes, both my daughter and I have a "Matt Jones" station on Pandora. Thank you!!!"

Onward and upward guys - thank you to everyone who has come alongside me on the way.